Terms & Conditions

Man Cancellation Policy

In case of any services, the services requirement confirmed party to Discovery Travel & Tourism LLC & later on cancelled by Party during the period when the cancellation charges are applicable, Party shall be responsible to settle the said charges that incurs due to the cancellation. This could be from one night to full stay hotel room rent in the case of accommodation as per the hotels cancellation policy & up to 100% cancellation charges in the case of Yacht / Dhow Cruise and Desert Safari, etc, depending on the service where Discovery Travel & Tourism LLC had to make advance arrangements with monetary involvement. Such charges if levied by Discovery Travel & Tourism LLC, it shall not be disputed by Party under any circumstances.

Refund Policy

Discovery Travel & Tourism LLC requires a period of 15 days to process refund claims for the services taken by the party. However, refund could be considered only upon the payment received from the respective vendors. Discovery Travel & Tourism LLC shall not be responsible for any unauthorized Refunds given by Party & shall not deduct any unauthorized refunds from DISCOVERY invoices and shall pay all Discovery Travel & Tourism LLC invoices in full as per the terms of credit offered herein.